Linked Earth Observation Data

Lots of Earth Observation (EO) data has become available at no charge in Europe and the US recently and there is a strong push for more open EO data.

With the efforts of projects such as TELEIOS, some datasets describing EO products (e.g. CORINE Land Cover and Urban Atlas published by project TELEIOS) have been added to the LOD cloud.

However, the great majority of data stores that are currently made available by space agencies such as ESA and NASA are not following the linked data paradigm. Therefore, from the perspective of a user, the EO data and other kinds of geospatial data necessary to satisfy his or her information need can only be found in different data silos, where each silo may contain only part of the needed data. Opening up these silos by publishing their contents as RDF and interlinking them with semantic connections will allow the development of data analytics applications with great environmental and financial value.

The European project TELEIOS is the first project internationally that has introduced the linked data paradigm to the EO domain, and developed prototype applications that are based on transforming EO products into RDF, and combining them with linked geospatial data. Examples of such applications include wildfire monitoring and burn scar mapping.

TELEIOS concentrated on developing data models, query languages, scalable query evaluation techniques, and efficient data management systems that can be used to prototype applications of linked EO data. However, developing a methodology and related software tools that support the whole life cycle of linked open EO data (e.g. publishing, interlinking etc.) has not been tackled by TELEIOS. The main objective of LEO is to go beyond TELEIOS by designing and implementing software supporting the whole life cycle of linked open EO data and its combination with linked geospatial data, and by developing a precision farming application that heavily utilizes such data.

More information can be found in Deliverable D1.1 .